When taming the Big Data tidal wave, it is advantageous to have a strong custom-fit solution at hand. To help build your Big Data Solutions contact our expert data professionals now!


Our excellence in Big Data and BI solutions development stands upon our vast experience in implementing well-orchestrated technologies, methodologies and tools across the whole data sequence. When forming project teams, we select specialists whose skill sets and background knowledge are best aligned with your vision for your project.

Business Analysts

Feeling at a loss when navigating Big Data? Mycura’s Business Analysts will help you cultivate a thorough understanding of the ideal goals you should pursue as well as the shortest path to achieving them.

Big Data Architects and Engineers

Driven by Development Operations and quick application development principles, our core development team’s activities incorporate performance engineering and end-to-end software Quality Assurance (QA) and assessment.

Data Scientists

We are experts at coordinating the cast of BI technologies for a multiplied effect on the business along with curating the data veracity of the analysis pipeline.

Database Administrators

Mycura knows how to design data warehouses that are reliable scalable and efficiently fast as well as how to administer and augment a database environment that is effective, issue-free and protected.



Mycura works with all the major ingredients required to consistently transform data into something actionable. We offer end-to-end BI solution services, from data consolidation to deep analytical processing and real-time visualization:

BI Assessment & Technology Consulting

BI Assessment & Technology Consulting

We ensure clear alignment of business needs and IT capacities with data-driven opportunities:

  • We assess clients’ technology environment
  • We assess our clients’ functional business needs
  • We assess corporate standards, policy and security environments
  • We also implement approach proposals

Data Integration

We use high performance ETL engines to facilitate the qualitative transformation of fragmented data silos which include:

  • Data integration from a variety of sources (applications, XML, mainframes, flat files, social media platforms, Hadoop, NoSQL, RDBMS, machine data etc.)
  • Utilizing custom adapters and connectors to rare formats
  • Consolidating multiple structured, unstructured, semi-structured, real-time, batch and various other data types
  • Data normalization, profiling and purifying
Core Analytics
Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

We architect quality into BI-ready warehouses and data marts through:

  • Database structural design and data modeling
  • Data quality management
  • Metadata management
  • Enterprise classification and search
  • Data migration services
  • Database maintenance and optimization

Core Analytics

We use advanced technologies for real-world business triumph by:

  • Streamed data analytical processing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • OLAP cubes for Big Data related cases
  • KPI calculations arrangement along with the implementation of configuration tools
Core Analytics
Data Presentation

Data Presentation

Transforming sophisticated ideas into tangible realities with clarity, precision and elegance via:

  • Real-time visualization dashboards that are disseminated via web, mobile and API channels
  • Personalized user experiences and restricted user access to specific data types and level of detail
  • Manageable report forgers and data export tools


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