Mycura provides you with a variety of Content Management Solutions (CMS). Whether it is customized, content management modules, CMS functionality extensions or holistic content-enabled applications that are powered by the technology that you choose.

Why Mycura

We offer all-encompassing servicing that spans every aspect of application production and implementation.

01BPM/Workflow Management Services

We help you monitor and document your BPM/Workflow process as well as provide you with essential Data Processing Tools

02Document Management

We offer Record Management and Version Management

03Web Content Management

We provide Workflow Digital Marketing Platform

04Enterprise Search

We provide Ingestion, Indexing, Processing and Matching Query Processing services

05Learning/Knowledge Management

We provide Collaborative Environment Tools for Online Learning

06Imaging and Scanning

We can help you capture, store and retrieve content as well as provide Electronic Scanning-OCR/Digitization


Content Repositories

  • Indexing and Metadata Management
  • Version Control
  • Access Control (Authorization, Authentication, etc.)
  • Annotations and Renditions
  • Complete/Full-Text Search
  • Link Management

Content Authoring

  • Role-Based Authoring and Editing
  • Collaborative Authoring
  • Rich Media Assets Management
  • Content Import/Export Tools
  • Multilingual Content Support
  • Dynamic Reuse & Repurposing of Content
  • Web Forms Submission

Digital Experience Management

  • Content Analytics
  • User-Generated Content
  • Single Customer View
  • Segmentation and Personalization

Workflows & Collaboration

  • Role-Based Workflow Designer
  • Document Review and Approval
  • Routing and Archiving
  • Email Notifications
  • Social Networking Capabilities
  • Link Management


  • Multi-Format Publishing
  • Multisite Support
  • Multichannel Delivery/Provision
  • Mobile-Optimized Delivery
  • Social Media Integration / Assimilation
  • eCommerce Integration / Assimilation


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